Cucho lives in Chile and travels a lot.


Graduated in Film direction, with ample experience in advertising, animation, video art and art performances videos.

He has been awarded in Video Art and Advertising festivals in Latin America and Europe.


Cucho has became one of the most respected advertising directors in Latin America, shooting local, regional  and global projects for international clients in almost every country in the continent.


During his career he has won many awards: Cannes Lions Finalist, London International Advertising Awards, Gold Prize at FIAP, many ACHAP awards including Best Director three years in a row and Gold and Silver Prizes as well.


Cucho also works in photography, video installations and graphic art for dance and theatre companies. Has been experimenting in 3D art since a long time.


Post production has become a very expressive tool for him.

Emotional, fashion, graphic, vignettes, every style rings a bell.


Cucho is an avid snowboarder and mountain biker.